Sunday, August 21, 2011

The song close to my heart..

It was just an accident that I seen this heart breaking song when I crolled down my internet page where I was looking for some good english songs at the youtube.

It was a Japanese song if I am not wrong and the lyrics and the tune of the song are amazing. My heart was clearly admired by the song and this song has captured the place of first ever song I love so far.

This is that song;
You are the one no one could ever know me at all.
I just can’t stop loving you,dear.
Being with you is all I wanna do.
Don’t you know just how I feel.
Don’t you ever leave me alone.
All the things you do telling me to give up your love.
You said this could be your goodbye.
So please don’t ask for love no more.
Let you through out door.
Hey,can’t you seeing my eyes
Please don’t say goodbye.
I know I can’t leave my life alone without you near me.
I just can’t live without your love.
I need you here with me.
If I could change your mind now,anything at all.
Oh,please.Oh love please not leave me.
I just can’t live without your love
I need you here with me
If I could change your mind now,anything at all.
I know I’ll never love again cause you are in my heart

However, after few days I missed the link and trying to search it in youtube and I failed. If anyone who can help me on this, pls welcome..

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raaj said...

tamil translation plz...

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