Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What do the road signs tel you?? an interesting story...

Whoever came up with this storyline is a genius!
What must this guy have scored in his driving test !

We had heard enough stories with relevant pictures in our childhood. And also we had lessons which the teacher asked us to tell a story by following the pictures. Therefore, we are well experienced in it at our childhood.

Here a friend had created an amazing story following the road signs... OMG.. He is totally crazy but the story is very interesting..

I am wondering that is there people with such creativity among us.. But definitely I am not.. The chain of the story following by the each road sings is very interesting and I let you to experience the story with the pictures..

If is it too small, I encourage you to download the picture first and read it. OR Click on the picture and you will find an expanded one.

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